9 Tasks to Take Note of When Shifting Homes!

Your relocation project that is soon going to take place from Srinagar to Mumbai must have been on your bucket list for a long. Relocations indeed are momentous events of life and there is nobody better than the proficient packers and movers in Srinagar that can comfort you for the journey. So, before you start planning the move and get involved in the long list of packing tasks you just created, it would be better if you just dig into this relocation article, highlighting the vital things you should do during your move!
So, let’s straightaway get into this post!

• Ready your belongings for the move: Without deviating, let us just start this post with what is the most important aspect – evaluating things and packing. If you are going with it without a full-fledged checklist, you can end up doing things incorrectly. So, first, prepare a checklist of the things you want to do and the things you want to pack. It would not matter even if you have not planned early or prepared your stuff accordingly. You can always do things now and in a lot better way! • Save your time with lists: Making lists during the moving journey will synchronize both your pre-move and post-move duration. For the before-move analysis and preparation, your pre-move list would be the one that you would be required to refer to and for the latter part of the move, i.e. the time when you will be on your way to your new house, the post-move task checklist, and inventory list would be the two documents that will give you the idea how you should process your move. So, create those lists early and make sure to get them verified by the moving team. • Discuss safety measures before proceeding: Regardless of whether the professionals are accompanying you for your packing task or you are managing it alone for the time being, you have to be careful about how everything would be packed for the move and how by implementing some vital safety and packing techniques and good-quality packing materials, you can keep your possessions safer for longer. Talk to people, with your family and friends and see what ideas and tips they share. You can also explore and collect moving tips and tricks online and implement them into your process and relocate safely. • Have the essentials packed: The box of essentials that you and all the family members will have for the move would be the ones to be unpacked and established first. Make sure this kit is prepared at least a few days before the move so you can pack it up with all your daily essentials as well, including brush, comb, bathroom essentials, skincare and cosmetics, medicines, etc. You can also pack another kit along with this that will have all the electronic staples you cannot do without. Secure everything well, use stretch wraps to give the bottles of liquids a good wrap, and seal the caps of the bottled products amply so there is no issue of leakage. • Check-in your neighborhood: Settling down in a city that you have never been to before could be an intimidating feeling. But to familiarize the change in the environment and to get used to accepting what is going where and how you can make yourself feel better, you should spend some time after the move in and around the new location so that you soon get into the comfort zone of the place and no more feel awkward. • Gather information about the locality: The new locality you are moving to would have a lot of new, interesting aspects for you to unveil. So, once you have settled yourself a bit and you get time from your schedule, try exploring more places of significance around you – like the utility stores, grocery shops, medical stores, food joints, shopping malls, and other places of interest either alone or with your family. This will be a good time to explore the new place after you have moved! • Take out all important items: Do not get every moving carton unpacked and things kept in them established outside right after the move. Just settle down the things that you have put inside the priority cartons and essentials boxes. Gradually, you can start with the rest of the moving cartons whenever you have time. Unpacking every moving carton will only clutter the new area and make it look unwelcoming for people coming over to your place. So, unpack gradually. • Think of the meals early: Right after you have relocated to your new house, you would not have the energy and mood to get into the cooking tasks. Also, the setting up of the kitchen area would take time, especially the complicated appliances and other objects. So, order your meals online or go outside to explore and get the food of your choice. But remember, you cannot delay the set-up of your kitchen because sooner or later, you have to make this place functional as you will have to cook your food in a day or two. • Take a break and enjoy: Do not ever get too involved in the post-move tasks if you have not dealt with the important chores. See if you have got your essential connections in place or if there is something that needs to be taken care of, like appointing new service people for newspapers, cleanliness, laundering, and more. You can even consider calling the professional cleaning personnel for deep cleaning of your household before you begin organizing your things in the new house but then you will have to do all the unpacking later on, once they have left.

Moving to a new place is a happening affair but it would not take much to disturb the peaceful moving picture. Yes, if even the slightest thing gets out of place and you fail to get the expert movers and packers in Srinagar onboard, things could be awful. But if you mind out the tips mentioned above, your move would seem fairly manageable!